Home Sweet Home

Caring Bridge Journal Entry — Mar 19, 2018

I’m home.

The doctors decided not to do any procedures this time and just kept me for observation.

I’m very happy to be home. While I write this, I am sitting in the sun in my backyard watching our dog sniff every blade of grass. Spring is in the air which enhances my joy.

This hospitalization was the most discouraging yet. The doctors are unable to give me confident answers. My future seems shakier than a week ago.

I despaired. I cried. Yet here I am. Soaking up the sun. Feeling hope anchoring my soul.

I do not know what to say about my future. I don’t even know how to feel about it. I will have to learn a new way of living, one that doesn’t shrink in fear yet acknowledges the frailty of my lungs. There is a balance there that I must find.

Please continue to to pray for my strength as I keep working at my recovery.

I’m happy to share that I ditched the sweat pants and put on jeans for the first time today. Feels like a victory of sorts.