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Do you or someone you love have a chronic, rare, or undiagnosed illness?

Are you, like me, raising adopted children from hard places?

Have you wondered if it’s possible to find hope and beauty when nothing is working in your life?

Friend, you have found the right place. Let me encourage you.

The presence of the Lord Jesus with you in hard circumstances changes everything. When life makes no sense, he is with you in the confusion. When you have no strength left, he offers you his. When you think you cannot endure one more tragedy, one more bit of bad news, he will remind you of your eternal future far from this hard place. To endure life’s rough roads and to find hope in the darkness, you need nothing more than to be with Jesus.

This is the place where you can come to be reminded of that truth. Where I offer you my hand and say to you, “Come with me. I’ve taken a few steps of faith down this road. Let me help you take a few steps more and we’ll walk this road together.”

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