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21 Days of Prayer for Your Friend with Cancer

What do you do when you want (shall I say “need”) to support a friend? What if you aren’t close enough to do the do-ing things you long to do?

I wrote out 21 Bible verses that I will pray for my friend with cancer, one verse for each day she is gone at a treatment center. Want the list? I’m sharing it so you can join me. Or use it to pray for other friends.

Let’s lift up these words of promise to the One who love us best and first.

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Three Things to Consider Before Sharing Scripture With a Hurting Friend

When is it not a good idea to share scripture with a hurting friend?  I can’t say this list will be true for you, but it has been true for me.  

  • When I’m mad.

  • When I’m freaked out.

  • When I’m not listening.

It is in those moments when the logic center in my brain is not in control.  So, sharing Truth like, “God works all things for good,” (Romans 8:28) or  “You just have to have faith,” (Matthew 17:20) doesn’t help.   I love those verses, truly I do.  I believe them and say them to myself all the time.  But I cannot enjoy them when my amygdala is being bossy in my head.  Logic and truth don’t matter one bit to my amygdala.  

So what do we do?  How can we know when to share Truth that makes a difference to our hurting friend?

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Light and Heavy

She took a breath and said, “It’s Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.”  There is no right way to hear those words.  This is what it is to be human.  To love deeply.  And to hurt deeply.   I cannot have one without the other.  This is what happens in suffering.  Our love mixes with pain and we must learn to carry them both.  It is a heavy load.  How do we carry heavy loads? (Spoiler alert: we don’t.)

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Book Reviews: A Diary of Private Prayer AND Daily Light

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I read from A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie during my time of solitude last week.  These prayers effectively speak to my soul which means… it’s time for a Book Review. Actually, it’s time for TWO Book Reviews.  I decided to share the other book I often grab during my times of prayer, Daily Light. 

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