While I Wait

Waiting is no fun.  But I'm not in control of things so I'm trying to wait with grace and patience.

The UCSF doctor called me last week to say that he is calling doctors around the country regarding "my case."  He is waiting for some returned calls as well as two more pieces of my medical record from Kaiser.  I think he's having fun playing detective with my body's very unorthodox display of HHT.  I'd rather have a doctor having fun than one too bored to be bothered.  So, yeah, I can wait.  :)

A dear, DEAR friend let me know yesterday that she just got a cancer diagnosis on Friday.  That makes three of my friends battling cancer at the same time.  It's mind-boggling.  But each of them love Jesus dearly so there's comfort in that.  And each of them has peace.Sometimes peace can be unexplainable, but present nonetheless.  I love that.  There's beauty in peace and hope that comes from some place other than our worked up effort.  I've found that when I try to force myself to have hope, I just wear myself out.  So, when I have hope without effort, I know it's from God, the source of hope.  And then I just want to share it.

Finally, today, a friend shared this new Lincoln Brewster song, "While I Wait."   I've got it on REPEAT.

"Though I don't understand it, I will worship with my pain..."