To The One Who Made Me a Mom


You came into the world too early, a miracle in every way. A tiny little stranger whisked away too quickly. Soon, you melted the ice surrounding my heart. You caused me to feel more deeply than I had every known. When I realized what you had done, it scared me, but I didn't want to go back. I never wanted to live life without you again.

With a shock of black hair, deep blue eyes, and your grandpa's chin dimple, you were the darling of the NICU. For one so little, you possessed incredible strength and peace. The adversity you faced made you gritty. Never fussy, you did what we asked, eating more, breathing more, growing more. With a surprise in her voice, the nurse told us we could take you home, 4 weeks sooner than expected.


You grew. You smiled. You wrapped yourself around my heart. Me became we. I thought I could live this way forever. But over time, ever so slowly, we became me and you once again. It happened on your time table, just as it should. You led the way to your own independence and I admire you for it.


You shared your story boldly last week, in front of a roomful of peers. You humbly admitted your weaknesses and urged the room to learn from your mistakes. You shared the lessons you gathered like sign posts on the road to maturity and I cried. It was a gift, wrapped in love and respect. You amaze me.

Soon, you will follow your path further from me. No longer my Little Man, I must let you go, beyond my sight, beyond my nest. I will miss you and the way you love me. You made me a mother. You made me the very best version of me. I love you so much, it hurts.