Surgery Recap

Caring Bridge Journal Entry by Chris O'Meara — Feb 18, 2018

Yesterday's journals were disjointed, incomplete. It's really hard to write a coherently journal when I'm upset. Here's a recap.

Nicole originally went in to have the upper right lobe of her lung removed. We knew it would be complicated and risky due to Nicole's bleeding disorder. After several hours, the surgeon came and spoke with me and informed me that the surgery was "incredibly challenging." Without going into the medical details, the surgery was causing Nicole to bleed dangerously and the surgeon and I agreed to adjust the goal to remove as much of the lobe as could safely be removed. He achieved that goal, completed the surgery and Nicole began recovering.

I went back to see her and she was ecstatic! I've rarely seen her so happy. We shared a few moments of joy together before she started coughing blood again. This was the problem the surgery was supposed to fix.

It wasn't fixed. It was another terrible, terrible episode that her body eventually stopped on its own.

They took some pictures, verified that the bleeding had stopped and took her to the ICU. They could not determine exactly where the blood was coming from.

We are now waiting for a consultation with an Interventional Radiologist on Monday. The Radiologist will give a second opinion as to whether there is value in repeating the procedure Nicole underwent last Tuesday. The last attempt failed.

Please pray for insight and creativity for Nicole's doctors, that they can see another, better, treatment option.