5 Verses for When You Need Comforting

It’s been an emotional week around here. If your home is anything like mine, you might be:

  • sending a child to school for the first time

  • sending a child to college for the first time

  • adjusting to news of an ill parent

  • caring for an ill parent

  • praying for your child

  • praying for a friend’s child

  • praying for your marriage

  • praying for a friend’s marriage

  • fighting for support for a child

  • running around to medical appointments, counseling appointments, and job appointments

  • … or some crazy unique-to-you need I can’t imagine

Life’s cycles mean that at some point we are all in an emotional place, with an emotional need. When emotions run high there is nothing as comforting as God’s presence. So for you and for me, here are 5 verses about God’s comforting presence for when you need it most.

DUET 33_27-2.jpg
ISAIAH 40_11.jpg
ISAIAH 66_13-2.jpg
2 CORINTHIANS 1_3-4-2.jpg
PSALM 23_4-3.jpg