Hey There…


You wouldn’t know it from looking at me but…

I live every day keenly aware that every breath is a gift.

I have an undiagnosed bleeding disorder that effects my lungs.  In 2018, my lungs bled so much that it almost cost me my life.  At any time, that could happen again.  I choose to live life with hope and joy to the best of my ability.  My lungs limit my physical abilities but they cannot stop my ability to love my friends and family deeply, to worship my Savior freely, or to share the hope I have found through my struggle.

(I shared my whole story in this interview.)

If my lungs weren't enough, I have also learned to endure the hardship that comes with adopting traumatized children. We love our kiddos to bits and pieces but we don't deny that bringing home their trauma has affected us all. Still, hope can be found anywhere, even in PTSD and hearing loss. Ask me and I'll tell you how I know.


Why You Should Read This Blog

To be human is to experience suffering.  But not all suffering has an end in sight.  It is here that you will find ways to endure suffering.  You will learn:

  • Jesus loves you and is with you. You are never alone.

  • It is best to endure within community.

  • This is not the end of your story. God is still at work.

  • Hope is never inappropriate. Never!

Through this blog, I'll help you to slow down and learn to find the hope you need to endure your own hard thing.  May it be a blessing to you.